IHR BÜRO Frankfurt – Tailored office solutions

IB Start

Your postal address
You can use our representative address as your postal address and represent your company by installing a company sign at the building entrance. We will accept delivery of your post. Registration of your company is not included in this package.

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IB Virtual

Your virtual office
In addition to our IB start service, we can also include a telephone service. We will take your calls in your company name and forward the calls directly to you.

your benefits

  • I had been searching for an office in which I could operate flexibly for a long time. Long-term rental contracts was one of the factors that I was very important to me. I especially wanted to be flexible when it came to my desired growth, while not having to go without important things like a telephone, fax, meeting room, etc. I found what I needed at IHR BÜRO !–Bernhard Peters

  • My decision was based on a few important factors: flexibility, costs, growth, service, premises… IHR BÜRO is exactly the right partner for me and I am completely satisfied–Sandro Mayer

  • I’m really happy at IHR BÜRO. Everything is processed quickly, it is cost-effective and very professional–Wolfgang Hähnlein