The comparison

Cost comparison: According to a study by KPMG completed in 2002, a business centre is more cost-effective for companies with less than ten employees than having their own office, if all infrastructure costs are taken into consideration. These cost benefits are significantly greater for shorter durations, particularly project groups. Savings range between 33% and 65% depending on the duration of the contract and number of employees. Comparative calculation between conventional rental and rental at a business centre — initial situation: A sales team consisting of two employees is looking for suitable office space. They need a part-time secretary and occasionally require a meeting room for their customer meetings.

Item Cost factor
Rent in € / month Business centre in € / month Comments
Rent for standard 90 m2 or 24 m2 in the
business centre
12.-€ /qm
980.- 1000.-
Additional costs: water, heating, etc.
180.- included
Building related charges: caretaker, lifts, share of building insurance  1.-€/qm 90.- included
Additional costs: electricity, cleaning services  1.-€/qm 90.- included
Office furniture (two work stations + one work station for the secretary, conference room equipment, reception, small kitchen) 10000.-€ 200.- included
Asset depreciation
of four years
Conference room furniture + technology  5000.-€ 100.- included
Asset depreciation
of four years
Technical equipment for the secretary  3000.- € 80.- included
Asset depreciation
of three years
Telephone system, fax  1500.- € 40.- included
Asset depreciation
of three years
Two ISDN telephone lines 45.- included
Flat rate Internet line 40.- included
Costs for laying cables, renovations, etc.  3000.-€ 50.- included
Asset depreciation
of five years
Photocopier, colour printer, etc.
100.- included
Asset depreciation
of five years
Costs for part-time employee, including Christmas payment 1800.- included
Estimated costs for time spent working in a business centre, (full-time) telephone service, based on past experience 600.-
Costs for renting a conference room in a business centre for 12 hours a month 300.-
 Approx. monthly total:   3795.- €  1900.- €  
 Approx. annual total:  45540.- €
 22800.- €

All other office costs are considered to be cost neutral. Advantages of a business centre with regard to the length of the contractual period, (full-time) telephone service, holiday cover for part-time staff, etc. have not been included.