Advantages IHR BUERO has to offer

A pleasant environment where you are represented with your own company address, supported by a friendly and flexible secretary and have access to modern communication tools – all of these things are not simple to implement overnight without having to make huge investments and without being willing to take some entrepreneurial risks.

IHR BUERO can immediately provide you with a suitable solution. An overview of the advantages we have to offer:

Representative head office in a modern office building

Office rentals on a time basis. No permanent commitments because of long-term rental contracts. No commission or broker fees. Own telephone and fax connection available immediately.

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Telephone service using your company name with own direct dial number

During our business hours of 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m., your customers will always be personally greeted by the friendly voice of your own secretary. If you are out and about, the secretary will keep a record of any enquiries and orders and forward them to you. The service means that you are always available to your customers even if you are out and about on business. You will not miss a call. You will not need an answer machine that cannot answer questions and many customers find too impersonal to leave a message.

Use our fax number with you own logo. Receipt, forwarding and storage, and you will only be charged for the telephone units used for outgoing faxes.

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You can use our business address on your business correspondence and business cards…

We will accept your post and look after it until you come and collect it. Upon request, we can open your post so that you can be informed about the content over the phone. We will frank your letters and take them to the post office on a daily basis.

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Use of office and conference rooms

As long as you have booked it in advance, you can rent an office or conference room at the hourly or daily rate for your meetings, presentations or training sessions.
Take advantage of the services we have to offer.

Our employees will lighten your workload and are always ready to take on the mundane everyday tasks.

Make the most of IHR BUERO – learn about the benefits!

The benefits thanks to IHR BUERO

  • Central location
  • Easily accessible by car or public transport
  • Representative office building
  • High-quality furnished offices
  • Professional reception area
  • Variety of rental contracts with personalised rental duration
  • High-quality high-tech equipment (high speed Internet, fibre glass connection, etc.)
  • Perfect opportunity for networking as many sectors are represented
  • Space requirements can be expanded or decreased at any time on an individual basis
  • Savings for suppliers in various sectors
  • Personnel available at all times
  • Multi-lingual secretarial staff
  • Additional areas that can be used immediately without any maintenance costs, etc.
  • Additional administrative services can be included at any time

Disadvantages if you decide not to opt for IHR BUERO

  • Long search for suitable space to rent
  • Budget is significantly affected by infrastructure costs
  • Long rental duration (10 years or more)
  • Long contractual duration when renting infrastructure
  • Lots of time spent searching for qualified personnel
  • Lots of time spent searching for suitable suppliers